Best Priceline Hotel Deals To Save On Hotel Stay[2022]

Priceline Offers many deals and tools using which you can get some great discounts on your hotel room bookings. Following are the Priceline Hotel Deals, available for all without any coupons.

#Deal NameHow to Use effectively
1.Priceline PricebreakerUse it if you are booking hotel stay 2-3 months in advance
2.Priceline Express DealsWhen You need to travel within 15 days, applicable for both Hotel stay and Flights
3.Priceline Tonight Only DealYou are on road with no place to stay, this will give you best hotel rate.
4.Priceline VIPThis is Priceline loyalty program that offers the least price on Priceline.
5.Priceline CouponPriceline keeps on sending coupons on your registered email.
6Priceline BiddingAlso known as Priceline Name Your Price, this has been stopped now.

Advantages of booking with Priceline Hotel

  1. Priceline offers may deals and hacks that can get you good discounts.
  2. You can get Priceline Credit card and earn extra points while booking various services provided by Priceline.
  3. Priceline points can be used to get free stay!
  4. Priceline VIP provides lowest price on Priceline to all its members.

Priceline Hotel Deal FAQ’s:

How much does Priceline Hotel Deals save?

You can save anywhere between 10% to 40% using Priceline Hotel Deals. At times you can apply coupon codes on Priceline deals and get extra discount!!

Are Priceline Hotel Deals worth it?

Yes, I have been using Priceline for most of my Hotel bookings and every time I found rates offered to be better than other Online Hotel booking platforms.

Are Priceline Hotel Deals refundable?

None of booking done using Priceline deals are refundable. This is industry practice and all providers have same policy.


Priceline Hotel Deals are really money savers. No matter what your situation is, you may get the best rate.